Friday, November 3, 2017

Spotlight: Drowning Above Water

About the Book:
Malina was an abused teenage drug addict, barely clinging to life. A caring doctor tried to keep her above water as she sank to the depths of her own darkness. It wasn’t enough. In a last-ditch effort to save her daughter’s life, Malina’s troubled mother trafficked her to America, where she hoped her sister Grizella could save this drowning girl. After twenty years as a sex worker, Malina becomes pregnant. To save her own child’s life, she escapes back across the waters, with the help of her devoted friend Petyr. She is willing to risk her own life to try to find the man who once loved her—to beg him to raise her child. In the hope of delivering an innocent into his arms, something she could never be, she drags herself to the limits to create a single, lasting goodness for her baby. If she can save a life, maybe her own was worth the pain of living.

About the Author:
Alyssa Herron is a writer and actor. She is known for her pitch black comedy but she loves, loves, loves a sad story. She's a Jane Austen in a Hemingway world. Her debut novel Drowning Above Water was released on her fortieth birthday, and she'll tell you her feelings about that if you ask. Her original stage plays have been produced by various theatre companies in the Pittsburgh area. As a screenwriter, she has had her screenplays advance as finalists for the Steeltown Film Factory and the Sundance Institute competitions. Her poetry has been published both online and in print and she also performs these as a spoken word artist. On stage she has been humbled to play Lady Macbeth and on screen, she was tickled to play a lesbian vampire. Her son just wishes she was better at video games.

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Praise for Alyssa Herron’s writing:
 “My favorite by far, is Herron’s “Granny’s House” … Herron’s use of language, idiom and lingo is really rather remarkable, and she has a clever way of defining, in a few words, the world of her play and the characters in it.” -Pittsburgh City Paper

 “Probably the biggest standout in this volume is Alyssa Herron’s “Delilah By Proxy.” Far from the traditional superhero story, this tale is incredibly moving and truly shows the most human elements behind the superpowers.” -Amazon book review

 “Uncategorizable, meanwhile, is a wonderfully bizarre retelling of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” … Would that all such license with established literary or historical facts be so clever.” -Pittsburgh City Paper 

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