Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Book release I am excited about!

Visit the Infernal Devices website!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Here are the entries, I will post them as soon as I get them.
#1 By Maddy
Bugs on my windshield,

Lives so short lived I feel bad,

Ew blood disgusting

#2 By Maddy
I love watching birds,

Wings fluttering in the wind,

Like snow on the trees

#3 By Maddy
I love my Henry,

He is so Frikin smart he,

is my computer

#4 By Maddy
medieval times were

hard,most of the time people died

it's not funny, ha

#5 By Maddy: Pencil
A tool of your mind,

Use it as you please but please,

Don't disrespect it

#6 By Maddy
Turtles are so cute,
They are like moving green stones,
I wish I was one.

#7 By Maddy
I see my kitten,

So hyper and very cute,

She could be the cutest!

#8 By Maddy
Flash drive why do you,

Freeze up Henry my good friend,

Are you not happy?

#9 By Maddy
Homework does not suck,

I am really trying to,

Be positive umm..

#10 By Maddy
Books are the greatest,

I love to read them in bed,

Aren't they the greatest?

#11 By Maddy
Don't you love kittens?

So full of energy and,

Happy all the time!

#12 By Maddy
I hate after school,

Math teachers, they make me cry,

Literally, sad

#13 BY Maddy
Thailand rocks I love it,

There is an uprising there,

My job is harder now...

Haiku about my cultures project.

#14 By Maddy
I'm traveling to,

Chaing Mai, a beautiful place,

Northern Thailand rocks!

#15 By Maddy
My cat likes to sleep,
He sleeps in a chair by the,

Fire he likes it.

#16 By Maddy
Larfisha is a,
Good name for Larissa she,
is not a fish though.


I have a reader challenge for all of you! I wan to see who can write the best haiku. Remember the haiku format is:

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Please leave them as comments to this post and after there are enough of them I will make a format for everybody to chose their favorite haiku. Feel free to write more than one!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An un-medieval poem

In cultures (aka social studies) my class just finished up a unit on medieval Europe. My teacher had us write a haiku on the middle ages-for no apparent reason as far as I can tell. I was not particularly inspired by the assignment, so mine turned out to be a little something like this.

Medieval poems
Were not formatted like this
But I do not care