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"Each time I have asked for assistance on a manuscript, Larissa has been prompt, professional, and helpful. She is pleasant to work with and her fees are quite fair. As I pick up new projects, I often find myself thinking “Can Larisa help me with this new issue?” She is a great resource with a broad sense of the MG and Young Adult worlds. " ~ Daniel Williams

"As an Indie author who just completed my first novel, I didn't know what to do next. Larissa helped me find bloggers willing to review my work and contribute as a guest blogger, allowing me to quickly reach a wide audience of readers. Her prices were reasonable and she was responsive to every query. I can't recommend her services highly enough!" ~ R.J. Corgan

"Howling Turtle exceeded my expectations for content editing. Not only did she meet my much needed deadline, her work was precise, accurate, honest and exactly what I needed as a writer. She raised the bar and made my book 100% better. Highly recommended." ~ Paul Alleva

Price: $4 a month - or $10 a quarter

The publicity services include:
  • Contacting bloggers and soliciting reviews/other promotional posts.
  • Setting up blog tours.
  • Helping authors expand their social media reach (setting up Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr accounts).
  • Posting for authors on their social media platforms.
  • Contacting bookstores/book events and set up signings.
I have prior experience working as an author's assistant and have been a book blogger for over five years.

Publicity Service Pricing

Just soliciting for reviews or promotional posts: $21/hr

Soliciting for reviews and/or other services: $25/hr

Publicity Service 10 Hour Packages:

Just soliciting for reviews or promotional posts: $200 for 10 hours

Soliciting for reviews and/or other services: $240 for 10 hours

Beta reading is a great way to get feedback on your manuscript before you send it out into the world. It does not deal with grammatical editing (although, if there is a consistent mistake, I might point that out) but deals more with big picture things looking at characterization or catching plot holes. I am also very happy to work with writers to look for particular things they are interested in getting feedback on! I am currently a content editing intern at Dreaming Big Publications, and approach beta reading projects the way I would when editing a novel for a publishing company.

I also offer sensitivity reads. Sensitivity reading can do several things for your story. One thing it can do is check for anything that might be offensive, insensitive, or outdated language-wise. It is not seeking to sanitize your story until it is perfectly politically correct, but rather makes sure your story is striking the chord you want it to. For example, if a character of yours that supposedly supports gay rights says something homophobic or considered homophobic, I would point that out. Maybe you want to keep it in and use it for character development, but if that is not meant to be part of the story, you might wish to remove it. Another benefit of sensitivity reads is it can assess if your representation is accurate. If you are straight, for example, and wanted to see if your gay character seemed realistic and avoided cliches or stereotypes, sensitivity reading can help. As a queer woman and a woman and gender studies major, gender and sexuality are my areas of expertise in terms of sensitivity reading, but please let me know what you are looking for in particular and I will let you know if I think I can help. No one is perfect and everyone has blind spots, but given my lived experience and education, I have a cultivated awareness of these issues (especially in my areas of expertise) that I am happy to apply to your project.

Whether you are just looking for beta reading/content editing, sensitivity reading, or both, the pricing is as follows.

$0.004 per word (with a $20 minimum). 

For example, a 20,000 word novella would be $80, a 50,000 word novel would be $200, and a 5,000 word short story would be $20.  I am also happy to read works less than 5,000 words, but they would all be at a fixed price of $20.

In the past I have performed the following services for authors:

  • flap/jacket copy writing
  • Market analysis (looking at books on the market that are similar to your book, or ways in which your book is unique in the market. This is usually for book proposals and query letters).

If either of these services appeals to you, please email me at
I conduct all my payments through Paypal and will need the invoice to be paid before I begin my work.


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