Sunday, October 29, 2017

Release Announcement: On Being Insane


Title: On Being Insane: In Search of my Missing Pieces
Author: Elliot Gavin Keenan
Author Website:
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Editor-in-Chief: Kristi King-Morgan

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Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir, Mental Health

Available in ebook and paperback, for immediate release

REVIEWERS, BLOGGERS, VLOGGERS:  Email Kristi at to request your electronic review copy today!  Available in MOBI and PDF. We also have a written author interview available upon request.

After being diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder at age seven, Elliot becomes fascinated with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the Bible of American psychiatry) and its enumeration, categorization, and systematization of innate human differences. This specialized knowledge of the DSM's rules and codes comes in handy as Elliot struggles through multiple psychiatric hospitalizations for severe bipolar depression, but his dreams of being a clinical psychologist seem ever further out of reach until a kindly professor and autism scientist termed herein as Dr. Pinball takes notice of his abilities. This is a story of one young man's searching: for sanity, for stability, and for the people who understand. They may be found in unlikely places.

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