Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spotlight: Plague in Paris

Mr. Hildebrand and his valet, Driscoll, have fled the British Isles for Paris amidst rumours of scandal. Hoping for a warmer reception in Paris, they are looking for a way to put it all behind them. As Driscoll wanders the streets, tracking the gossip and searching for that special someone that could solve all their problems, he starts to get a hint of something deeper going on.

Though the Parisians are more welcoming of their unaccepted views, it is not long before they face problems worse than they had found back home. As the city is wracked by chaos, the ties that bind are tested. Tensions continue to rise and as the last British airships pull away from the city, they must determine if they can stay safe in their new home.

They are going to have to leave Paris, the city they thought would be a safe haven, behind. Battered and beaten, will they be able to survive?

About the Author:
Tyler Omichinski is a writer and game designer from the wilds of Canada. He is a writer for Lynnvander Studios and several other game companies. He was the editor for the Ennie Award nominated Little Heroes, and the author of the best seller The Plague in Paris. He lives with his partner and a gigantic black dog. 

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