Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Spotlight: Not From the Stars

Theatre is true love… This wonderful novel, perfect for theatre lovers and Downton Abbey enthusiasts, is set in Yorkshire, England, in 1885. Bertha Roundtree, wife of Anthony Roundtree, dies in childbirth, leaving her infant daughter Elisa behind. Once wealthy, the Roundtree family is destitute after Anthony gambled away its fortune. Anthony Roundtree is a cruel man. He has no interest in his infant daughter, leaving her to be raised by his spinster sister Lillian, a rather simple woman with no dowry and no prospects, and a cruel governess. Anthony is determined to turn Elisa into a lady, and marry her off to Sir John Garingham, who wants the tomboy Elisa turned into the perfect lady – no matter what it takes. But the betrothal goes awry when Elisa develops a mind of her own, a passion for her art teacher, and an obsession with the theatre. And her youthful vigour is about to lead into a glamourous world with a dark underbelly… Filled with the history of the British theatre and allusions to Shakespeare, Not From the Stars is the first in the His Majesty’s Theatre series about the lives of the actors and academics who lived in the repressive days of Edwardian England, but refused to be stifled. 

About the Author:
As a Certified Music Therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, I founded Music Gives Life. We bring musical performing into the lives of senior citizens. Many of my Show Stoppers, ages 60-101, never performed in public before joining my program. NY1-TV News named us their NYers of the Week. A former senior center director, nursing home music therapist, and primary caregiver for two elderly relatives, I have unique insights into the joys and frustrations shared by geriatric patients and their caregivers.

I Want To Go To Lithuania, or HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR AGING PARENTS, my step-by-step, hands-on manual for adults who love and care for older adults, was published in May.

NOT FROM THE STARS, BUT FROM THINE EYES, and TRUTH AND BEAUTY, the first 3 book3 in my 4-book historical fiction series, HIS MAJESTY'S THEATRE, have been published by Endeavour Press, UK. The last book, BEAUTY’S DOOM will be released in November 2017. It tells the story of a gay actor-manager escaping arrest by pretending to marry his leading lady and father her illegitimate child. Together, they harbour a country heiress escaping a forced marriage.

My years as a professional singer compelled me to write her first novel, ONE MAN'S MUSIC. Set in NYC during the Vietnam period, it is the story of a young soprano's obsession with an orchestral composer. ONE MAN'S MUSIC is available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook. 

In my first career: a classically trained singer/actor, I toured the globe singing operas, operettas, and musicals. I soloed with orchestras, oratorio societies, at Radio City Music Hall, and folk venues, accompanying myself the guitar and Irish Harp. My theatrical credits include: On The Twentieth Century, directed by Harold Prince, with Rock Hudson, Imogene Coca, and Judy Kaye; The Women with Anita Gillette, Dody Goodman, Julie Newmar, Virginia Graham, Jane Kean, and Margaux Hemingway; and the original Actors Studio production of Let ‘em Rot by Cy Coleman, directed by Morton DaCosta.

I am very lucky to live in Greenwich Village, NYC with my darling husband, actor/media-coach/cartoonist, Larry Conroy.


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