Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Month Series II of III

This is the second part of my three part poetry series I am doing. This poem was inspired by an abstract painting (that is probably important to know otherwise the poem will make absolutely no sense). It was a big painting, it took up a huge space on the wall - it definitely wouldn't fit anywhere in my house that is for sure!

Just a reminder that you have only three days left to submit for the Haiku Contest I am hosting! This will be my last reminder so be sure to click on the link for guidelines. (You can post your entries as a comment for this post - that would probably be the easiest).

Beyond All This

What if
Beyond all this

A cave

That carried you
Away from all that
In an ocean of bath water

To a place
Where red sound
Rises circling, sprouting
Making isles of clumped grass
And seaweed

A place where souls
Are dandelion fluff
And fireflies glow
Brightest in the


  1. Que bonita! I love poems that don't rhyme. I think it helps to show more expression and emotion from the writer.

  2. I wish I have a group of friends like yours, I love reading but my friends usually don't like read well except for one ^^

    Reading Hobby~

  3. I love Larissa's world. This is beautiful and poignant.


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