Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poetry Month Series III of III

This is the third and final part of my three part poetry series that I am doing in honor of poetry month. All three of the poems I did were based of paintings that I saw in a museum. This particular poem was based off of a still life.

A Promise of Return
The rains cease
The mud of spring
Still stuck under fingernails
A bouquet sits in the kitchen
Dew that still drips
Facets of diamonds on marble

Morning birdsong
Sends a breeze through open
And the lace curtains
Above the sink and rusty faucets
Dance like butterflies

A phone beeps
And a suit the smell
Of flowers, ferns, and dirt
Is guided to the door
By its owner

He pats his coat pocket
To check his plane tickets
But does not move to wipe
The dirt lodged there

He glances at the blooms
Then to a wooden staircase
Where he ascends in his mind's eye
To where his wife gently sleeps

It is his hope
That with this promise of return

She will not miss him
Quite so terribly

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