Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follow Friday and Haiku Poll

Q. Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her.

A. I have a group of friends that I talk about books with. In fact, almost all my friends love to read. They all have similar tastes to me, albeit some of them are slightly more critical of the books then I am. I refer books to them and they refer books to me. We can get onto the topic of books and stay there quite a while!

Please leave a link so I can check you out!

In other News....

My April Haiku Contest is going into phase two as of today. The chance for submitting is over unfortunately, but now we all get to vote, the poll is on the top right of the page! You can refer to the April Haiku Contest page if you wish, but I figured it would be easier if I just set up all of the entries right here for you to vote on, so here we go!

1. Howling turtle writes
Anyone may enter Thrice.
I don't think that's nice!
By DocLouie

2. Flower of grandeur
Always growing to thrill us
My amaryllis
By Grandma Pat

3.Sunbeams in the clouds
Light lines over miles of sky
Bright spots on the fields
By Chloe

4.Dancing dolphins swim
Jumping in our boat's white wake
They're playing playing with us
By Chloe

5.Harvest time is near
Colored leaves begin to fall
Autumn is now here
By Chloe

6. Howling Turtle writes
Anyone may enter thrice
That is very nice!
By Doclouie

7. Our words have power
They kill or heal equally
Choose truth above all
By Lisa

8. Pure Costa Rica
Clear beauty and energy
An amazing place
By Maya

9. The wolf cries at night
Boy in the wild is now man
As blood hits the ground
By Alleged Author

10. Can't write haikus, but
I love Larissa and blog
so here you go, Lar
By Sarah

11. Long silver-smudged line
Slicing through rippling sea foam
Dolphins diving north
By r.k.pease

12. The warm ocean breeze
Relaxing under palm trees
Lazy days with sun
By Linnea

13. Soaring speeding sphere
Arching plunging toward target
Crowds cheer the tied score
By r.k.pease

14. The Kleenex is blue.
You're almost out of tissue.
By Amanda

15. Revenge is a dish
best served cold. Some sage advice?
Make war in winter.
By Amanda

16. Break out the Ginseng
We are of a certain age
What was I saying...?
By Susan

17. Creativity.
Liminal. Subliminal.
Sacred Soul at play.
By Susan

18. Ashes to ashes.
Smashana Kali watches.
Nothing's as(h) it seems.
By Susan


  1. I think #9 is my favorite. Old follower hopping though... Jen at

  2. I am a new follower, I have a couple I can talk to my best friend and niece.

    Happy Weekend!

    Follow Friday and Blog Hops

  3. Hopping through. Great series of haiku's. Unfortunately I never really developed a love for poetry. I should someday.
    My Hop
    Get a free download of Wings by Aprilynne Pike at my blog!

  4. Wow, 75 followers! Thank you guys for all your support

  5. Hi Larissa! Just stopping by to say hi. Have a great weekend!


  6. That's so great that you have friends that love to read!!

  7. Alot of my friends like to read too it's lovely! Great Haikus I voted!!

  8. It's great having people to talk books with. :)

    TGIF!! Jess @ Gone with the Words!

  9. Happy Friday!!! I am a new follower hopping through...Love your blog and look forward to following.

    Spell Checked by C.G. Powell

  10. Oh, I LOVE your header. And name. LOL, it's perfect. :) New follower here!

    And you're lucky to have so many IRL friends to talk books with. I have two who listens, but don't have any real interest in it.

    My FF can be found here!

  11. Thanks for stopping by on the hop and I just want to say, I still really love love love your blog name. It makes me "howl" with laughter. =D

    The Bawdy Book Blog

  12. Hey LarĂ­sta
    I'm guessing I'm one of your more...... "critical" friends.
    But hey, everyone needs a cynic. They're perfect for ruining good moods and happy times!

  13. Thanks for commenting on my FF (:

    I'm so jealous of you right now. I have no one to talk to about books in real life, just the blogosphere. Lucky you!

    By the way, I love your blog name and header! Hilarious (:

  14. Jen is my new best friend! I think I will follow her now...LOL! No really.

  15. Hey there!

    Happy Blog Hop! (I know I'm a little late this weekend) Old follower here!

    You are very lucky to have your group of friends! Luckily, I have the partner on my blog to discuss book with, and we both have similar tastes.

    F.Y.I - We are celebrating our one year anniversary at Once Upon A Chapter and have some awesome giveaways on! Please stop by!

    Lisa @ Once Upon A Chapter


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