Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poetry Month Series I of III

In honor of National Poetry Month, I am doing a short series of poems I wrote. They are all inspired from paintings I saw at an art museum. I searched for them, but I could not actually find a picture of the paintings to post with the poems, so I guess they will have to be descriptive enough on their own.

This first one was a painting of the Seine Valley.

Dream Carrier
The meadow
Overrun with wildflowers
With leaves of luscious green
That reach for the summer sky
The lazy clouds hanging
Like the bees over

The trail
Cleared by homecoming cattle
Leads down the valley
To the Seine

That long-winding vessel
Carrying the dreams of lovers
And the love searching

To the cradle of the ocean
As rivers do

On a summer afternoon
Where meadows are overrun
With wildflowers
And leaves of luscious green
Reach for the sky

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