Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spotlight: Double Lightning

About the Book:
In an attempt to find her missing brother, 22-year-old Lily goes undercover to a criminals’ lair. Every federal agent who went undercover to bring down Pharaoh – the criminal boss – has gone missing, and Lily’s big brother is one of them. The Director of the FBI knows possible reasons for that – Pharaoh and his closest friends have supernatural powers. He knows only their nicknames and a list of their abilities: telepathy, supermemory, healing, clairvoyance, etc. To be able to save her brother, Lily has to match extra-abilities with Pharaoh’s henchman, drag out their real names and, what’s harder, find out who Pharaoh is and what superpowers he has. The rumor is that he can kill with a simple glance, so if he learns who Lily is, a quick death would be the best option she would have…

About the Author:
Margaret Mal is a Russian novelist. 'Crimson Hills' is her first book in English. Before starting to write books in English, she had 7 detective novels published through the biggest Russian publishing house (as Margarita Malinina). She wrote her first book at the age of 16, and her first poem even earlier - at the age of 5.
She says that 'Crimson Hills' means the world to her.

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