Saturday, April 8, 2017

Audiobook release announcement: Writer's Retweet


AUTHOR: Piers Anthony
PUBLISHER: Dreaming Big Publications
NARRATED BY: Harry Benjamin

Available anywhere books are sold! Audiobook available through Audible and Itunes

In August, 2016, we announced the new release of Writer's Retweet in paperback and ebook. Now, as a new release, the audiobook version of Writer's Retweet is available!  Narrated by Harry Benjamin.


Horrifying illusions. Classified government operations. Heavily guarded secrets. Cryptic rumors. Dangerous prisoners. Irresistible passion. Demonic magic.

Piers Anthony weaves this and more into Writer’s Retweet, a collection of five short stories abounding in the adventure, magic, and naughtiness that fans have come to know and love from this author.

In “Experiment,” “Discovery,” and “Mission,” painfully average Bigelow Bilge and Paula Plaintiff are thrust unwillingly into a world fraught with terrifying, victim-specific illusions. Who—or what—is the source of these horrifying encounters? Why have Bigelow and Paula been targeted?

A newspaper reporter in “Dull Street Incident” gets wind of a delicious scandal rumored to have punctuated a stale suburban street. Menacing prisoners, conniving teenage girls, and one well-kept secret leads this reporter to the story of a lifetime. But who will believe it?

In “Forbidden Fruit,” dowdy, middle-aged Edith happens upon a mysterious fruit that completely alters her life—and the life of Kent, an attractive, young neighbor. Seduced by her newfound magical abilities and rediscovered sex appeal, Edith plunges into a world filled with demons, pleasure, and unthinkable risk.

As a child, Harry Benjamin spent many hours lying on his bedroom floor, reading his favourite novels aloud in time to the accompanying audiobook. Now a young actor with a passion for telling stories, it is only natural that he has made the leap into audiobook narration himself, something he intends to keep doing for a long time to come! In addition to voiceovers, Harry also acts, writes and directs for theatre, and is a member of the recently formed theatre company Colossal Porpoise, who can be tracked down on Facebook and Twitter.

You may have received a review request in August when the paperback and ebook was released. If you have already reviewed this book, thank you! If you'd like to announce on your blog that an audiobook version is now available, we would appreciate that. For any reviewers who missed it back in August but are interested in doing a review, please contact Kristi at and request a PDF, MOBI, or EPUB version to review. We may also be able to provide an audiobook code for audiobook reviewers, but these are limited.

Thank you!


Kristi King-Morgan

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