Saturday, December 20, 2014

Spotlight: Scar

For a 17 year old, Kiko Kurosawa has never been kidnapped by random enemies, lose a fight on Judo, or encountered a spirit at her garden, until she has strangely met the handsome masked Soul Reaper, Scar. She’s got everything for a wealthy daughter, but still she’s never been happy with her life. Her father only comes home thrice a year because of his legal job, while her mother has been long deceased. She’s practically attracted to Scar as the story of his life goes on. 
Kiko discovered that she was not entirely human, but a Weapon for the Gods. Scar has come here to take her away, mainly because of the game that his father, Hades, the God of the Underworld pushed it upon him. Humans eventually got the wrong information about them, instead Soul Reapers save people. Every person has a good soul and a demon soul. Their job is to exterminate mid-level demons so humans cannot cause to commit murders, killings and suicides. 
Right now, Kiko learns that there’s more secrets hidden between her past. Not just Scar’s or anyone’s but her—and don’t forget the enemies. 

About the Author:
CC Faye is living in the Philippines. She is a manga artist, a writer and a self-studied baker. When she was six years old, drawing was the main purpose of her life. She self-learned her drawing skills from the internet, and from reading Japanese manga. At the start of high school, she has taken a break from her drawing interest and has begun to practice writing for 3 years. Scar is her first self-published novel.


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