Friday, December 5, 2014

Press Release: Scarecrows

Komic Brew announced the publication of Scarecrows – a full colour fantasy book for the whole family by renowned Bosnian author Berin Tuzlic. Set in a dystopian future where the medias control the world, Scarecrows tells of a friendless little girl who meets a boy trapped in a TV set. She wants to release the boy and play with him, but the media scarecrows attack from everywhere. Will the girl be able to fight off the scarecrows and release the trapped boy?

“You could say that the story of Scarecrows is a variation on "The Ugly Duckling" by Andersen with a Tim Burton aesthetic”, says the author. Questions initiated by this short story include; are we slowly losing our humanity? Who are the real monsters? Can love overcome the fear and hatred that seems to permeate society? How can we protect our children from the ever more intrusive media propaganda? 

“We immediately fell in love with the book” - says Adam Armit, the publishing director of Komic Brew. “Fans of Tim Burton's universe will appreciate the visual treatment, rich in colour and expressionist atmosphere, while lovers of the written word will enjoy the originality and the unusual turn of story in each page.” This wonderfully illustrated fantasy book holds a mature, thought provoking story. The poetic approach to the narration, together with the naiveté and the fantastical futuristic set result in a strange multi-layered hybrid that will appeal to the whole family.

The e-book release is planned for February 2015. Komic Brew is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to finance a paper print edition of the book. You can find it at:

What the press says:

"I read a lot of books. A lot. But this one is one of the best e-books I got to review in the last period. Illustrations: Great, Great, Great!!! And Again! Great!" - Land of Children's Books (

"Scarecrows’ 72-pages of full colour splendor will not leave you indifferent. " - Artist Opus Magazine (

"I loved the message of Scarecrows, but there was much more to this simple book than that. This was about knowing there is someone out there who will love you and be your friend, no matter how alone you feel. " - Lisa Kay Tate, Minion Feeding 101.
"My first thought was Scarecrows was really cute, but it was also kind of sad, the way the little girl didn’t have any friends. I loved the artwork. " - Molly Kay Tate (age 12), Minion Feeding 101 (

About the creator
In a prolific professional career spanning two decades, Berin has produced and directed many animation films, comic books, music videos and commercials.  He is president of the ASIFA BiH - the Bosnian branch of the International Association of Animation Films and also founder of PIXEL - Association for Art & Visual Communication. His films have been screened in all major festivals in the world, and he regularly participates in group and solo exhibitions.

“There is a multitude of media everywhere in today's world. They are in our homes, on the streets, in our cars, even in our pockets, on our mobile phones. As medias fight each other for exclusive, sometimes shocking materials, the boundaries of good taste are erased and everything is submitted to the law of quantity: getting more viewers in any possible way.
Humanity is slowly becoming immune to feelings: we are getting used to seeing terrible things happening in the world, that we barely react any more to poverty, war and injustice. These are some of the deeper issues that are just under the surface of Scarecrows.” - says Berin.

About Komic Brew
The Edinburgh-based publishing company Komic Brew is a bit of a strange creative formula, consisting of one part Scot + one part Macedonian. It was co-founded by Adam Armit, music label owner and scholar and award-winning feature and animation filmmaker, Goce Cvetanovski.

With a focus on fantasy, SF and horror genres, the company publishes an eclectic array of creator-owned graphic novels, comic books and manga. Over the last 5 months a new page has been updated online every single day, with a total of over 150 pages so far.

“We want to bring fresh, high-quality content to an English speaking audience. If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, Scarecrows will be our first book published on paper. We’re excited and look forward to seeing it on the shelves in February”, says Adam, Director of publication. “The indie comics scene has never been so vibrant (thank-you Internet), and we deliberately chose to establish an open editorial line. That way our readers won’t get bored because our books cover a range of genres with a variety of visual treatments”, adds Goce, Editor-in-chief.

This unusual creative mix is available online for free on the Komic Brew website at

For further information or Komic Brew press pack please contact either:

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