Friday, December 5, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway: Jonathan Ferrara

Guest Post
Growing up as an Italian Catholic I always knew about the Seven Deadly Sins. They terrified me down to my very core. Going to church every Sunday, several years as an alter boy, I found myself drifting away from mass and imagining different magical creatures as the Guardians of the individual sins. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride as the Princes of Hell with a twist. Where did they come from? How did the Seven Deadly Sins originate? As a teenager that was how I spent my days in church, imagining adventures based off the stories I was being taught. I know, kind of morbid, but I was a happy child. I was just fascinating by two very different subjects, religion and fantasy. That was how "The Blackwell Family Secret: the Guardians of Sin" began.
Nicholas Blackwell is a sixteen-year-old boy who has spent the last nine years of his life at St. Christopher's Academy boarding school plagued with the painful memory of the night his parents were murdered. Life seems as good as it will ever get, uneventful, boring, Catholic school. That is, until an old serpent lures Nicholas into the woods and tricks him into eating the forbidden fruit to unleash the Guardians of the Seven Deadly Sins. 
Alongside Amy, his new friend, Nicholas is swallowed into the City of Demons; a dark, whimsical world filled with mayhem. There is only one way back to St. Christopher's Academy; Nicholas and Amy have to stop Armageddon from happening by containing the Guardians of Sin into the Devil's Crown. They follow the old serpent through the dark city, finding first a lustful vampire, a starving troll, and a greedy little leprechaun hoarding all demon gold. One by one the sins are revealed, leading Nicholas closer to his family's dark secret found by none other then the King of Demons himself -- Lucifer. 

Jonathan L. Ferrara Bio
Jonathan L. Ferrara was born in San Pedro, California to an Italian fisherman and a mother from New York. Growing up with one older brother, Jonathan had several hobbies: finding the best hiding spots to jump out and scare his mother, discovering new fantasy book series, and  imagining outrageous, whimsical worlds full of magic. He is now happily married, residing in California in the City of Angels. He has two wonderful children—his dog Koda and cat Merlin.
His author’s website is

Book Description
Nicholas Blackwell has no idea he is supposed to fulfill a destiny. All he knows is that he draws trouble like a magnet. Orphaned at seven when two demonic men killed his parents, he copes with the strict rules of his new home, St. Christopher’s academy, unaware that he has been the real target for the killers and that his guardian angel has saved him in the nick of time. And now, his problems are only beginning when a mysterious serpent lures him into the woods and tricks him into a demonic ritual that will unleash the Seven Deadly Sins to destroy the humankind. Nicholas has no choice but to correct his mistake--or die trying.

Aided by Amy, a shy but determined girl who seems to know more about his task than she should, Nicholas's quest is to travel into the City of Demonio and defeat the Seven Guardians of Sin. To succeed, he must confront demons, monsters, and lost souls, learn the mysteries of the Chapel of Dreams, discover the true meaning of friendship and love, and face the darkest secret of all: the Blackwell Family Secret.

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