Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Halfway

Title: Halfway (Wizards and Faeries #1)
Author: Stephanie Void
Page Count (Paperback): 192
Rating: 3.5 TURTLES: A very enjoyable read, I recommend you check it out.


Cemagna and her brother Temet grew up in hiding. She never thought about the reason for this until Temet is kidnapped and taken to a place known only as the Wizardly Order.

Temet grows up inside the Wizardly Order, which he learns is an extremely dangerous organization. Ostensibly to help the general population, the Order actually exists to corral and control all wizards. The Ten Ring, the leaders of the Wizardly Order, enjoy the power this gives them... until they begin to view Temet as a threat.

Ten years later, no longer a child, Cemagna begins her search for Temet. She attracts the attention of Duke Von Chi, who takes her in and agrees to help her in her search. What Cemagna doesn’t know is that Von Chi has his own plans for her, and so does Ormas, his son.


Halfway was a very quick exciting read. Cemagna and Temet’s world is one of Wizards and Fairies, but there are many questions about the world that remain to be answered.  The story alternates between the two lead characters’ perspectives, both of whom are very likable and intriguing. Temet struggling to cope with the idea of living with the people who kidnapped him, and Cemagna leaving behind all she ever knew to find a brother who may not even want to have anything to do with her.

I enjoyed that Halfway was such a quick read because there was always something exciting or important happening, but at times it was a drawback for me as well. At times things seemed rushed, which made some of the characters’ decisions seem rash because they were so hurried.

Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed Halfway and will definitely be reading the sequel. I would recommend this book especially to fans of original world-building, and magic.

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