Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Tour Stop: The Secrets of the Vanmars

Today I am pleased to announce that I am the next stop on the blog tour for The Secrets of the Vanmars, the sequel to Key of Amatahns in the Argetallam Saga.

Book 1: 
The Key of Amatahns
Janir had the misfortune of being born with one of the hated Argetallams for a father. But unlike other Argetallam children, she was mostly granted a normal childhood, away from the rest of her family. It looked as if she would live a relatively normal life as the foster-daughter of a powerful lord. Until one critical day Janir’s powers awakened and she became entangled in a young enchanter’s quest for a long-lost treasure called the Key of Amatahns.

Author Guest Post: Why do you love fantasy?
My obsession for fantasy has been in the making since I was old enough to talk. I loved the Disney princesses—Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, and Mulan. What’s the one thing all their stories have in common? You guessed it: fantasy (and singing and a handsome prince too, I guess, but you get the point).

Even though I had a taste for the magical and enchanted and practically devoured any book my mother handed me, I shunned books with magic in them for years. I thought for sure that they were silly, childish, and that I wouldn’t like them. Interesting reasoning for a girl who’d just read and liked the entire Anne of Green Gables series, right?

Then one year when I was eleven, while our family was on vacation, my cousins nearly coerced me into watching a movie I was certain I would hate and I most certainly didn’t want to watch. The movie was Disney’s “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” But guess what? I LOVED that movie and still do.

The next step was I read the Narnia books and then I watched another movie I wasn’t so sure about—“The Two Towers.” I’m sure you can guess what happened next. I fell head-over-heels for “The Lord of the Rings” series and started reading almost exclusively in the same genre. Not paranormal, not urban fantasy, but full-blown fantasy books.

The thing I love about the entire genre is that anything can happen. Those poor readers of contemporary fiction can’t have a sapphire-blue dragon that speaks directly into a boy’s head. They can’t have a giant black cauldron that brings people back as immortal, obedient zombies. They can’t have a gateway to another world where there’s a white witch whose hobby is turning people to stone. They can’t travel in time...really, what can they do?

So, here I am today. A sixteen-year-old who can hardly concentrate while reading anything that doesn’t have a touch of the super-wonderful and who talks to my favorite characters while I walk my dogs.

To me, fantasy and magic are real, similar to how a dream is real. There is so much in the world we don’t understand, (even if, like little children, we pretend to understand) and who knows? Maybe Elfland really is out there. Maybe magical creatures do live among us. Maybe God made other worlds besides ours. Maybe He even made sentient beings besides us. Wouldn’t that be cool?

For more information on the Argetallam Saga, be sure to check out Elisabeth Wheatley's Website.

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