Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Buy an Exciting Book, Help Public Schools

Starting June 1st, half of all proceeds from “Marcus 98012: and the Great Awakening will be donated to public schools.

"I am doing this because I feel it is no secret that our public schools need help and writers, reviewers and social networks can make a difference Help invest in our future by investing in education."  
- Treyci Key, author of Marcus 98012: and the Great Awakening


What would you do if you discovered your whole world was made up of lies?

In the distant future, society commits to a more peaceful existence. Conformity is the rule.

One night, Marcus 98012 awakens from a dream and is led to the horrifying truth. He discovers that nothing is what it seems as the unexplainable things around him come into focus: the mysterious elders, the disappearances of students- the oddly different Leila 98001.

During Marcus’s search for the truth, he becomes a threat to the elders that run this mysterious world and he must decide between trying to destroy the system or escaping it with his life.


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  2. How terrific! Which public schools?

    1. The author didn't name any specific schools, so I assume he means the American Public School system in general.


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