Sunday, July 31, 2011

Have you ever thought....

Have you ever seen someone and thought, 'you should be a character in a book!' Last night I was having dinner at a very yummy place in Aspen, Colorado, where we drove around to have a look at before returning to our campsite, and one of the waiters at the restaurant totally should have been a character out of a novel!!! He had dark hair that fell to just below his collar, he was slender and not extremely tall, but not short either. He had a very handsome face and he had a scar that went down from the bottom of the center of his eye to just below his cheek bone. The whole time I was thinking of what character he would be, and I thought he would be perfect as the mysterious stranger who comes to the aid of one of the other characters, or a prince in hiding, maybe both!

I'd love to hear if this type of thing has ever happened to you before! Anyway I filed his description away in my notebook for future use, so if you read anything of mine in the future with a character of that description, you will know what my inspiration was!!!


  1. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I've actually gotten to be a lot more organized with my writing, so I take the time to jot myself an e-mail on my phone so I don't forget. I used to try to carry a little notebook with me, but ... well, I lose everything like that ;-)

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