Thursday, July 7, 2011

Follow Friday

Q. Let's step away from besties...What is the worst book that you've ever read and actually finished?

A. Hmmm... there are several, but here are two of them. A real book and a graphic novel.
Night of the Howling Dogs, and American Born Chinese

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  1. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I haven't read this one - a good thing ;)

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend..

  2. This is actually a really fun question! Thanks for "warning" me about these books.

  3. Hi,

    I'm a new follower hopping by to say hello. I've not heard of those books, I'm getting quite a list of books to avoid.


    My FF

  4. I haven't read either one of those. Probably won't now! I'm already a follower. My Follow Friday is up at Coffee Table Reviews

  5. I've never heard of any of these books. Probably a good thing. :)

    New follower!

    Reader's Refuge

  6. Hi!
    Never heard of either books. Coming from an ABC, that American Born Chinese book is just embarrassing.

    Have a great weekend.

    new follower

  7. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Feature & Follow My Book Blog Friday. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: Thanks! Nice to meet you!

  8. I love giveaways. Thanks for sharing this one.

    Here's my attempt to pick my favorite literary device. Also, I'd like to invite you to throw your name into the hat for a $25 Amazon gift certificate in Readerbuzz's July Giveaway!It's international!

    I always follow back....

  9. Hopping through. I liked American Born Chinese, but it was a bit different. I can see why you wouldn't like it.
    My Hop

  10. I would have to agree those books were terrible, but remember to add green boy to the list too.

    Also you should facebook more because I still want to stay in touch with you since we haven't been able to talk for a while.


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