Friday, June 15, 2018

Spotlight: Silver Slay - A New YA Fantasy Novel by Adelaide

About the Book
Ingrid, sixteen, orphan, the sole bread winner of the house that she lives in with her mare, has gotten herself into a dangerous task‐regicide of a tyrant. She is set to do it against all odds, with immense nerves and some brains. She has to reap a little aide of dark charm from the infamous forest of dead. However, the end of the king doesn't seem like end of her troubles.

About the Author
Adelaide is a 23 old IT employee, but doesn't believe plain programming and coding world is 
meant for her. All the sight of keyboard does to her is bring out new characters and new stories to life. That was how Silver slay happened. Starting off as a romance writer, she found her interest gradually drifting to the fantastic side of the literary world. Silver slay is her first published work. It is the first in the Queen of steel series.

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