Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Gifts for Dad!

Still looking for a gift for Dad?
Here are a few book and book-related ideas that he might like!

Lincoln in the Bardo
This was one of my favorite books that I read last year, so I find myself recommending it to people a lot.

If your dad is at all a history buff like mine is, this might be a different but interesting alternative to the historical biographies that are likely your go-to for book related gifts. This Man Booker Prize winner blends historical fiction with Buddhist mythology, creating one of the most unique and breathtaking books I've read in a long time.

If Dad likes audiobooks, this is my top pick! The star-studded cast has a world record for largest number of narrators. The audiobook also won Audiobook of the Year at the last Audie Awards!

To read the full description or purchase the book, click the banner below.

If your dad likes science fiction and/or the book The Martian (or the movie with Matt Damon) Artemis is a good bet! It is written by the same author, but get this: instead of potatoes on Mars, this book has a heist on the moon!

Artemis has an incredibly clever plot, well thought-out and explained logistics for how a lunar colony would work, and a wisecracking, sarcastic narrator - it's impossible to put down!

And although not award winning, the audiobook for Artemis is also very well done and is narrated by Rosario Dawson of the Netflix Marvel TV show franchise (Claire Temple) and Rent (Mimi Marquez).

The President is Missing
This recent release is selling like hotcakes right now -  it is currently #3 on Amazon's charts!

A co-endeavor between Bill Clinton and James Patterson, this book fills the specific, double-whammy niche in dad-approved reading selections of being both about a president and being written by a president, what could go wrong with that combination?

It may have only been out for a little over a week, but the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive. This political thriller could be the perfect vacation read for Dad this summer!

Until June 15, Amazon is taking $20 off select Kindles. This is the perfect gift for a dad who loves to read, but who might be very particular in his reading selections. Or for a dad who is such a voracious reader that gifting a single book would only give him one evening's worth of reading material!

This deal is going on for Kindle PaperWhite too!

Kindle Travel Gear
Does the dad who already has all the books and e-readers in the world also have a way to carry all that reading material around?

Amazon has an all-new line of Kindle travel gear accessories ranging from sturdy totes to carry all dad's books to backpacks (to carry even more books) and travel tags to mugs and water bottles!

You can browse the full collection by clicking the banner below!

Finished shopping already? What did you get your dad for Father's Day?

Disclosure: this post contains links to an affiliate program (Amazon), for which I receive a few cents if you make purchases.

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