Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Spotlight: The Devil's Backbone

About the Book: 
Through the ethereal window rippling above the sun-scorched pavement, Sadie Bishop would sometimes catch glimpses of a mysterious world, a desert landscape, punctuated by giant fissures that cleaved the land. What wonders haunted that interior world, the visions never revealed, they only tempted her with promises whispered from their depths . . . 
Sadie Bishop was ready to move on from the terrible events that had ripped her away from her job and family, so ready that she was about to indulge a dark compulsion, one that called to her in the night, urging her to hit the road and plunge deep into the heart of the American West. But her country was broken, plagued by cultists, mutants, and a ruthless cartel. 
In a nightmarish future, will Sadie be able to endure those who seek to expose and exploit the enigmatic shadow lurking within her? Or will they open her mind to the awesome power contained within . . . The Empyrean.

About the Author:
L. Kent Gaskill has been imagining new words and re-imagining this one since he was a child. Always on the lookout for new creative tools, be they technology-based or traditional, he has been absorbed with rendering creative realms with anything from the tip of a pencil to the turn of a phrase. He is a professional graphic designer and illustrator who works and lives on beautiful Vancouver Island. He has recently published the first book in his new science fiction adventure series and is in the process of editing the second.

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