Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Codename: Freedom: Survive Week One

Book Blurb:
War is coming. 
The government must accelerate their super soldier program. They have pushed beyond what was thought possible and developed a new Virtual Reality system; the perfect tool to weed out and train recruits. There is another problem. Every soldier has already been sorted and those found to possess the “talent” are already in training. There just aren’t enough. That is why Codename: Freedom has been developed. It’s time they looked outside the military. Failure is not an option.
Against all odds, Lucius, a semipro gamer who was raised by his Artificial Intelligence Bot named Destiny, is selected to participate in Codename: Freedom, a VRMMO that promises to push Virtual Reality to the ultimate level. 
The Game Developers are kind enough to hide a key feature. 100% pain. There are no pain dampeners. He finds himself among the other participants of Codename: Freedom who are thrown in with hardly any time to get their bearings before the entire player city is attacked. 
With the world watching live, Lucius is faced with the opportunity to gain a following and impressing sponsors. After years of hard work to move up in the gamer ranks, this new game will challenge Lucius to the point of breaking and beyond. Will he quit, go mad, or find the motivation to fight when it becomes painfully clear that this is far from just another game?
Author Bio:
Apollos Thorne’s love for stories comes from many different sources. The original spark began with role playing games. The legendary Final Fantasy VII took this love to a different level, and many other games built upon what it had inflamed. He went to college and got a film degree, where he found his love for writing while writing his own scripts. The novel was a much more natural medium for his tastes, so he began writing more often. It was in college when he picked up the Farseer Trilogy that his love of fantasy fiction really took off. After that, it was rare for him not to finish at least one novel a week. In 11/01/2015 he found the website It allowed anyone to publish their writing online and get feedback from readers. He was intrigued. Beginning to post book one of Codename: Freedom, he was drawn into the process in large thanks to a number of fans. He finished eight months later with over 500,000 views. A few more months later and book one of the Codename: Freedom saga, Survive Week One, will be published 07/12/2017.

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