Monday, June 27, 2016

Spotlight: The Sorceress' Prophecy

About the Book:
In a split second, Kaia's life transforms from normality to chaos. It all begins when her family is implicated in the Prophecy of Lilith, an ancient and malevolent Incantatrix, whose ambitions are as grandiose as they are evil. With the mysterious disappearance of her mother, Kaia is pulled into the black hole of a triangular war among witches, lycans and vampires. 

Indebted to the witches at a Magical Academy for the rescue of her mother, she ventures out nightly, hunting abominable night breeds. Coming face to face with monsters, she watches, helpless as detail by detail, the dark prophecy is fulfilled. 

She finds help, and comfort in an unlikely source. But the nightmare continues, for Kaia is presented with another battle to fight, as her own body starts to betray her, leaving her in a constant struggle to keep her life, and her soul.

Author Bio:
Mr Carson Watson is an Engineer by day and a creator of worlds by night. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Alternative Energy and Electronics. Mr Watson also teaches Math and Chemistry part time. His nocturnal exploits have produced two mesmerizing novels: The Sorceress' Prophecy and Obsidian. He has also penned a magical realism based poetry anthology entitled: Wordweaver.

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