Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review: Closure or Ammo

Title: Closure or Ammo (A Series of Choices)
Author: Sharon Dotson
Page Count: 102
My Rating: 2 TURTLES: A so-so read. It had some redeeming qualities, but not enough to recommend.
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About the Book:

Lana and Val are best friends who both have bad luck with men, until they finally meet someone. For Lana, it's her hot new boss, Leo. For single mother Val, she meets sexy detective, Travis, through an unfortunate situation. When Leo suddenly ends the affair, Lana plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse to find out why. Val must decide whether to stand by her friend or follow the law. Will Lana's actions tear them apart or can their relationship survive?


Closure or Ammo started off with a lot of promise, but, ultimately, I did not feel that it lived up to that promise. It starts off by introducing friends Val and Lana. They are both flawed and different in temperament and this makes the dynamic of their friendship intriguing from the get-go. The novella also brings in the men who are Val and Lana’s love interests early on, which gives momentum to the plot. I really appreciated how frank Sharryn Dotson was about the love scenes, too. She didn’t use overly flowery language the way some authors do, more often than not the love scenes drove the plot forward, and I enjoyed seeing the main characters own their sexuality.

After this good set up, though, most of the conflict that drove the story forward resulted from the characters acting extremely immature. That in itself could have been fine as well if they had exhibited some sort of growth, but despite circumstances in their lives changing, I didn’t feel that the characters grew as people. If anything, it seemed some of the characters became more entrenched in their flaws, but instead of making them more interesting, it made them more childish. The ending also felt very abrupt to me. When I reached the end I was expecting another chapter or at least an epilogue because the story ends immediately after the climax. While I recognize that since this is part of a series some loose ends are expected, the ending still felt too quick to me.

While I enjoyed the first part of the book, the lack of character development and abrupt ending prevented me from liking it as well as I had hoped I would.

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