Monday, January 4, 2016

Spotlight: Inheritance (The Fallon Guardians)

Your family has a huge responsibility, and they need you. Now. In all of her eighteen years, normal has never been a word you could apply to Jess Gardner’s life. She is a medium, making her living by communicating with the dead. Even had she been a psychic, she couldn’t have predicted the drama about to be brought to her door. The messenger, Aaron Thorne, enters her world with the news that the mother she’d thought dead is still alive. Suddenly, her maternal family is in desperate need of her help. Should Jess give up everything she knows to help a family she never knew existed? Also, a mysterious evil force is draining the life from the present Priestess, and Jess may be the only one who can save this newfound clan. Will the promise of uncovering more about herself, and a chance with a new family be enough to draw her into a potentially deadly situation?

Shortly after coming into this world, Denise Kelly LeBlanc found it necessary to teach herself to read. Life had gotten that dull. Moving right along, she picked up her family's collection of biographies and romance novels, but soon became interested in true crime and murder. 

After dance related injuries required her to quit her first love, a second love was waiting in the wings. Having spent many childhood book-filled vacations in a cottage, her love of words had grown. Writing followed Denise to university, twiddled it's thumbs while she finished her English degree, and waited until she decided to go with her gut.

Having early success in writing scared the living crud out of Ms. LeBlanc, so she then busied herself becoming a genius barista. Then on to being a very successful cosmetician. It was during this time she had the seed of a plot that she couldn’t shake. This led to her first novel. She wrote the bulk of the novel over the next seven years while having her soul slowly extracted at a corporate desk job.

After leaving the corporate world, she finished her novel and decided to self-publish, the only real choice as she had very little trust in the corporate running of things and loss of control did not sit well her. She raised money to have the novel edited by a professional editor. With a strong visual sense, she set about creating a book cover that would not make her cringe. The vision was completed with the help of a small family of fine friends.

Hence, she brought forth her first novel, "Inheritance". 

She currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with her platonic other half and three fur children. The family plans to relocate somewhere very exciting in the near future. Stay tuned.

* Bio written by aforementioned “platonic other half”, Melina Knox.

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