Saturday, January 16, 2016

Spotlight: Acts of Courage

Book Blurb:
Fen has been busy. He took an unexpected trip, hung around some important people – who are also dead – all the while keeping a deep secret.

Fenmore Jacks does things on a grand scale. His personality is huge. His wit is enviable, especially among the other fourth graders. And his school career? It is a colossal – failure. He has to hide the fact that he is dyslexic, and he uses his behavior to do it.
Learning through reading has become an impossible feat, and he wants to quit school, but it’s not looking good since he is only ten. One day, something bizarre happens. He is whisked away and finds himself journeying with George Rogers Clark on a seemingly impossible expedition during the Revolutionary War. While learning the historical facts in Acts of Courage, Fen learns even more about himself, which is a much greater lesson. He is shocked as he discovers who he really can be. He finds that just because he feels fear does not mean that he lacks courage, and he finds that maybe, just maybe, his dyslexia is more a gift than the disability he thought it was.

About the Author:
Pamela Horner lives in Bedford, Indiana. She has taught English for over twenty years to middle school students. She enjoys reading several different genres but truly has a pull toward historical fiction since it teaches a lot of accurate information but in a more interesting format.

She has a YA fantasy collection of short stories out called Rats, Pumpkins, and Other Rumors and has also written her first YA historical fiction novel, Acts of Courage. Both books are in e-books and paperback formats.  The Amazon link and contact information for Pamela:

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