Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight: Zola Flash

Book Blurb:  

Zola is a Victian. And for as long as she’s been alive, her planet has been at war with the ruthless, demeaning Payohlini.

After witnessing the gruesome murder of her family, Zola Flash decides it is time to escape with the one person she was taught to hate before she meets the same fate. Earth seems to be the perfect place to hide out – to pretend her whole life didn’t come crashing down. 

While on Earth, fitting in and making new friends are Zola’s main goal. It’s what she wants. A family to call her owns. But then, Zola uncovers family lies and the true reason behind this never ending war. 

Now it's up to Zola and the enemy, who is swiftly stealing her heart, to save her people and gain retribution for her family. But when revenge and protecting her people mean relinquishing her freedom, she's left with a difficult choice. 

Author Bio:  
T. Marie Alexander, born LaTeaikia Marie Brown, is an inspiring fashion designer and wife. She was born and raised in Searcy, Arkansas, where she was taught that any dream is possible. Since early childhood, she dreamed of writing stories that readers would fall head-over-heels in love with. In high school she began writing Zola Flash, but put her writing dreams on hold to attend the University of Arkansas in 2012. She now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband, where she spends her time attending classes at the U of A, reading, writing, and designing. 

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