Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spotlight: The Jacq of Spades

Book Blurb
The once-beautiful domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges is split betweenfour crime families in an uneasy cease-fire. Social disparity increasingand its steam-driven infrastructure failing, a new faction is on therise: the Red Dogs.

Jacqueline Spadros has a dream life: a wealthy husband, a powerfulfamily. But her life is not what it seems. Kidnapped from her mother'sbrothel and forced to marry, the murder of her best friend Air ten yearsbefore haunts her nightmares. She finds moments of freedom in asmall-time private eye business, which she hides in fear of her sadisticfather-in-law.

Air's little brother disappears off his back porch and the Red Dogs areframed for it. With the help of a mysterious gentleman investigatorhired by the Red Dogs to learn the truth, Jacqui pushes her abilities totheir limits in hope of rescuing the child before the kidnapper disposesof him.

Author Bio
Patricia Loofbourrow, MD is an SFF and non-fiction writer, PC gamer,ornamental food gardener, fiber artist, and wildcrafter who loves powertools, dancing, genetics and anything to do with outer space. She wasborn in southern California and has lived in Chicago and Tokyo. Shecurrently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three grown children.

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