Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spotlight: The Memory of Blue Sky

About the Book:
Amiana, who would have been the rightful empress of Shorakai, had begun to set things into motion before her death, things she hoped would change the outcome for the earth and those she loved - but will all these disparate threads come together in time to save her nation, and so the earth, before the end comes?
Her husband, a former soldier from the North, sits in regret over losing their daughter.
Her closest friend, who knows more than most and holds her greatest hope, is finding it hard to maintain his life; like her, he was marked by fire and shadow, and is considered Akaia, outcast.
While Shorakai searches for the next in the royal line, the earth threatens to shatter around them. So few still hold to hope where most dare not.
But now, a bold expedition is underway; a film crew sets off to document the surviving bastions of civilization across this fracturing earth and the threads begin to come together - the father, the daughter, the Akaia, and the Memory of Blue Sky.

About the Author:
Jo currently lives in the suburbs on the east coast of Australia. When it’s very quiet and still at night you can even hear the roar of the pacific ocean, or maybe it’s the highway? No, let’s say it’s the ocean. She has vivid dreams, particularly when she eats peanuts. Oh, and she lives under a hat, because she likes hats, maybe because it feels slightly safer there, and maybe because when one is wearing a hat, one is ready for just about anything.
Writing is what she loves doing most, though it's hard to get enough time to write, so she packs all she can into what few spare minutes can be gleaned from each day. When she can’t get to the keyboard be assured she is thinking about what her characters are up to in her absence. (They get up to all sorts of things, I can tell you.)

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