Friday, October 30, 2015

Author Interview: Nic Weissman

Today, I'd like to welcome Nic Weissman, author of The Orb of Wrath to The Howling Turtle!

How did you get the inspiration for your book?
It all started with the world. Many years back I spent a lot of time creating a very detailed fantasy world. I included details for more than 700 different cities. Different countries, culture, history, etc. Over the years I thought many times that I should build a story in that setting. And finally I decided to do it.

Could you talk a bit about your publication process/experience?
When you try to do something for the first time, it is always a learning process. Fortunately we live in the internet era, which means you have any information you need on the tip of your fingers. You just need to do some reading, which is not a problem to me. All in all, it was much easier than I thought.

If you could jump into the world of your favorite book, who would you
be and what would you do?
I think I would go to the future. I would love to visit human colonies in distant stars. But it is difficult to pick one thing. The beauty of books is that you jump to all many different times, characters and landscapes. Today you are a pirate and tomorrow a soldier.

Are you currently working on any projects?
I am trying to finish the sequel of The Orb of Wrath. Title will be The White Lady. It will come out before xmas. Or that’s why I am trying to do!

What is something that surprises people about you?
When I recently told a very good friend of mine that I had just published a book, he was shocked. I managed to keep that interest to myself for many years.

What section of a bookstore do you go to first?
Travel guides. I love travelling. Also great formats, I mean pictures books.
I do have a problem with bookstores. I try to go in every time I have the chance, because after I am in I have big troubles not to buy a lot of stuff. I mean much more that I have time to read.

Who's your fictional crush?
I couldn’t tell. I would say characters that are honest, uncomplicated, warm and caring.

If you could combine the storylines of two books, which ones would they be?
I think it would be cool to have Atreyu and Luck Dragons in the Middle Earth.

About Nic:

Nic Weissman is a fast growing name in Fantasy fiction landscape. Nic is the creator of the saga The Merchant's Destiny and The World of Oris. Nic was born in 1974 in mystical place where the sea ends. 
His first novel The Orb of Wrath is now available through multiple channels both in ebook and paperback, both in English and Spanish. The novel has been already referred by multiple bloggers like Jack Moreno. 
Over the past 16 years, Nic has lived in 14 different addresses across 3 different continents. He has traveled to 30 countries and speaks 4 languages. As you can imagine, Nic loves travelling. 
You can follow Nic through several Social Media channels like Facebook (, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin among others. Nic writes under a pen name for professional reasons

About his book:

The Orb of Wrath combines fantasy, intrigue and adventure, while transports the reader into a world where almost nothing is what it seems. Plots, counterplots, mysteries, blossoming relationships, disappointments, betrayals, dangers and successes, are combined in this fun cocktail. 
Erion is a skilled looter who runs the kingdom of Bor with his "brother" Mithir, performing dangerous commissions for wealthy clients. Mithir helps with his long trained magical abilities. One day, when they are doing one of their assignments, they encounter another group of adventurers, with whom they are forced to cooperate. 
The plot runs in the World of Oris which consists of 12 kingdoms and includes elves clans, dangerous monsters, dwarf kings, rich desert emirs, strange beasts, hospital halflings, ferocious orcs, ingenious gnomes, powerful wizards, brave knights, merchants, terrible vampires, etc. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers. 
Do you dare to accompany Erion and his friends in their adventures?

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