Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spotlight: When They Shine Brightest

Book description:

A character-driven fantasy novel, exploring the theme of loss and how we try to deal with it even when there is no way to do so.

Korsak Dryshore, a middle-aged war veteran, is being held directly responsible for the invasion of his home town of Seten. Everyone in Seten, including his family, blames him for losing the last ditch defense against the aggressors. Utterly defeated, and mourning the loss of his eldest son in the conflict, he has spent the last months following the battle away from home. Upon his return, he has to confront the animosity of the populace, made even worse by his bringing a heathen girl back with him.
Beaten, downcast and in despair, he is resigned to merely spending the remainder of his days in meek quietude. That would prove impossible, however, as he's soon implicated in an escalating political and religious conflict within the city. To make matters worse, his youngest son and the foreign girl are dragged deep into the whirlwind of the crisis.

And in the meantime, They are about to set over Seten."

While a standalone, “When They Shine Brightest” is also a first book in a new and vast fantasy world and gives the start of events that are yet to reach all of its corners.

Author’s bio:

Yordan Zhelyazkov was born 1988 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Actively reading since he was 4 years old, he fell in love with fantasy and sci-fi later, in school, when he started going to the city library by himself. That love didn’t let him go and he had several attempts at writing while growing up, including game-books, short stories and even an encyclopedia. All of those were, of course, fiascos.
That changed in his early 20s when he decided to turn writing into a career, began his Creative Writing Masters degree in New Bulgarian University and also started working on his fantasy novel, “When They Shine Brightest”.
Soon after he finished his work on the novel, he signed a contract for its publication with publishing house "Enthusiast" in Bulgaria. In the meantime he also gave the book for translation into English to professional translator Alexander Gurovski and made a successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign with which he funded the enterprise. The book also went through intensive editing by the likes of famous Bulgarian SFF writer Luben Dilov-juniour and award-winner Tia Bach. “When They Shine Brightest” will be published in Bulgaria in October, 2015 and self-published in English on August 17, 2015.
At the moment Yordan is working on his next fantasy novel.


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