Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: A Fortunate Blizzard

Title: A Fortunate Blizzard
Author: L.C. Chase
Page Count: 175
My Rating: 4 TURTLES: A great read, I definitely recommend.
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Description (from Goodreads):
There are worse things than being stranded in a blizzard.

Artist Trevor Morrison has always appreciated the little things in life, treating each day as a gift. And with good reason: he’s been on the transplant-recipient list for too long now. When he learns just how numbered his days truly are, he resolves not to take them for granted. But he won’t be unrealistic, either—which means romantic commitments are off the table.

Marcus Roberts seems to have it all. He’s handsome, financially sound, and on the fast track to partnership at a prestigious law firm. In reality, though, his drive for success has meant no time for friends or relationships. Add in the fact that his family discarded him long ago, and he’s facing yet another holiday season alone.

When the biggest snowstorm to hit Colorado in decades leaves Marc and Trevor stranded at the same hotel, a chance encounter and a night of passion leads to more than either of them expected. Finding comfort in each other is a welcome surprise, but time is not on their side. Either they find a way to beat the odds, or they lose each other forever.

First of all I’d like to thank Netgalley and Riptide Publishing for the digital copy they gave me in exchange for an honest review.

I originally had planned to wait to read this book until closer to the release date when it would be fall and a little closer to the holidays, but the description made me not want to wait. I’m a sucker for love stories, especially ones that involve the two characters being stuck somewhere or meeting under unusual circumstances.

I loved Trevor and Marc, they were both such interesting, endearing characters, and their relationship was so sweet. I often don’t like insta-love situations, but I actually found theirs believable, and would still have enjoyed reading it even if I hadn’t. The side characters did not get a ton of page time, but L.C. Chase managed to give me a clear picture of the people in these men’s lives as well.

The first half of the book was paced well, but the second half felt a little bit rushed. It felt like the build up of the first part was going along very well, but then everything was resolved a little to quickly. Don’t get me wrong, there were parts where I had tears in my eyes from how sweet and emotional certain scenes were, but the reviewer in my head kept registering the lightening speed at which some things were developing.

Overall, If LGBTQIA+ books or romances are your thing, check this one out. It would also be the perfect holiday story. I almost wish it had been forty degrees colder outside and that I’d had a cup of hot cocoa while I had been reading it. Key word being almost, I’m happy to enjoy what’s left of summer for now.

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