Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spotlight: Time of Death Series

Time of Death series description:

When Kyle Cash accidentally kills a bus full of school children in a traffic accident, he is unable to forgive himself. An opportunity to travel back in time to fix the horrific events is too much to pass up. Time travel, though, turns out to be more complicated than Kyle imagined. The past resists change, and going back makes things much worse. Kyle eventually finds himself in the middle of a complex triangle with the love of his life and a time traveling madman. Does Kyle have the gift that can save the future, and his soul?

Time of Death is a six-book series from EPIC Press.

Time of Death – Book #1 – The Tunnel description:

What if you could go back and change the past? Kyle Cash made the biggest mistake of his life on March 13, 2014, when he crashed his friend's Audi into a school bus full of children. The accident haunts him every day, until the sister of one of the kids killed in the crash comes to visit Kyle at Stevenson Youth Correctional Facility and offers him the opportunity to travel back in time. Kyle learns, though, that time weaving is more complicated-- and more dangerous - than he ever could have imagined.

Author bio:

Josh Anderson lives and works in Los Angeles, and fits in his writing time when he’s not occupied with his two rambunctious preschoolers. He and his wife love traveling, sports, reading and guiltily watching shows like The Bachelor. He’s currently working on a contemporary young adult novel, and an adult thriller set in the seamy underbelly of the motion picture industry.

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