Monday, June 15, 2015

Spotlight: Helen the Transartist

About the Book:
A light-hearted fantasy, blending the real world with an alternate universe where the heroine learns the value of inner beauty. 
Twelve-year-old Helen Robley believes she is an orphan. She lives with two kindly, adoptive aunts until one day she discovers that the drawings she loves to make become reality. Using her magic she travels to the East Pole, home of the Sandman, Cupids, and Toothfairies, who are nothing like their stereotypes.  
There is no one Sandman, but hundreds of Sand Men and Sand Gals, who sift through buckets of sand looking for the special grains that bring us our dreams each night. The Cupids are a calculating lot, spending hours practicing archery and mixing potions for their arrows. You might be surprised to learn what the Toothfairies do with the teeth they collect from children on Earth. 

Helen learns the East Pole is her birthplace  and that the vain and evil Queen Narcissa has taken her parents prisoner. Using a variety of unconventional weapons, including pencils, nail polish, and high-heel shoes, Helen confronts the queen, and along the way is reminded that beauty is on the inside.

About the Author:
Anita Stairs-Oberlick grew up next door to the public library in a small farming community on the Nebraska prairie. It didn’t take long to read the entire collection, and she counted the days until the monthly shipment arrived from the state library. While waiting for the new books, she was happy to reread her copy of the "The Wizard of Oz," over and over again.

Anita now makes her home in Tucson, Arizona, where she can be found riding her bicycle, but never in spandex. An animal lover, she frequents dark alleyways, trapping feral cats for the trap/neuter/ return program. She and her husband, Alex, have two adult daughters and several rescued cats

Anita's Website
Helen the Transartist on Amazon

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