Friday, May 29, 2015

Spotlight: J.T. Williams

Winemaker of the North
They destroyed those of magic... and a bane upon the land was healed...

Sviska is an assassin questioning the sanctity of his lifetime of bloodshed in service to an ancient sect. Perceiving their acts have become random and senseless, he refuses to murder a young child. He wishes to leave his life with the Order, but they have another assignment for him and if he refuses this too, he will be killed. 

Sent to an isolated mountain city called Elinathrond, Sviska finds a place where a plague is rampant; a wine used to prevent the ailment has run out. Sviska's task is to ferment a medicinal wine for the people and it is here he discovers that magic, an extinct force in his lands, is very much alive. But why the Order would send him here to procure this life saving elixir for those they wish dead, confuses him. 

In this last refuge for magical peoples, a weakening spell exposes more of them to the sickness with every moment. Rumors are spreading that the city is no longer safe, and a malicious evil is growing beneath the streets. If he fails to procure the wine, Elinathrond faces desolation, but the death of the last winemaker was no accident, and Sviska may be next.

Winemaker Of The North is the debut novel in the sword and sorcery fantasy series Saints of Wura.

Arcane Awakening
Elinathrond burns. But the book of magic is safe from the grasp of The Order... for now. 

Shipwrecked onto a rocky island, the Saints of Wura find help from unexpected quarters. Learning that their purpose is to return magic to the world, they must travel south in search of two relics crafted by the elves and dwarves just before the curse was unleashed in the age before.

With storms of rebellion brewing and old evils closing in, the Saints learn that the Legions are marching across the northern realms kidnapping the innocent and tightening their grip upon society. A rift is erupting across the lands, a change is coming to the world, and at every turn they are hunted.

Even among the Saints, disunity disrupts their course and threatens all they hold dear. If they are to remain true to their ordained tasks, they must resist their personal desires or a greater darkness will consume them all.

Arcane Awakening is book two in the Saints of Wura 

Raven's Requiem
Sometimes it is unexpected, while still other wretched souls earn their own bane. No matter... one cannot escape death though many have tried. It is by the Raven's Requiem, you are denounced your breath of life. Tales of morbid drear and trickery of approximately 2500 words each! 

About the Author:

Jeremy Williams (J.T. Williams) is a fantasy author that resides in Texas with his wife and four kids. He has been writing as long as he has been able to put pencil to paper and hasn't ever stopped.

Starting back in elementary school (and generally whenever he was in math class thereafter), he could be found writing away in spiral notebooks of fantasy worlds, imagined battles, and drawing maps of places that only existed in his imagination. This explains why he is rather horrible at math.

Jeremy loves history and has been particularly inspired in his latest works by the late ages of the Roman Empire and their struggles against the many Germanic tribes and foreign invaders such as the Huns. He draws inspiration from both mainstream fantasy and history across the ages blending the two into a familiar but original creation of his own.

Author's Website 
Twitter: @authorziok

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