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Spotlight: The Demon Rolmar

Title- The Demon Rolmar


- A. V. Griffin

Genre- YA Science Fiction

Book Length- 172 pages

Release Date-April 2, 2013

Book Description:

Rolmar is a heartless, misanthropic demon who serves as one of the three overlords of Pentar, a planet in the Amenis dimension. When Rolmar’s brethren bestow upon him the illustrious task of destroying Earth, his growing curiosity of humans adds a momentary pause to his original plan. Still intent on annihilating Earth, Rolmar extends his stay in order to discover what makes humanity unique.

However, when Adam, a quirky college student, crosses paths with the all-powerful demon, one fateful night will change his life forever. Haunted by nightmares of his mind-blowing encounter, Adam can’t return to his normal life. His only path to solace is attempting to convince the demon that Earth is worth saving. With the fate of the world on their shoulders, will Adam and his friends be able to convince Rolmar that they and all of mankind should be spared?

Author Bio:

A. V. Griffin has been fascinated with science-fiction and fantasy stories since she was young. As a college student, she took to creative writing and began her story, The Demon Rolmar. Infusing the novella with her passion for science fiction, readers everywhere will be able to sense the enormous love and respect she has for the genre. Griffin holds a bachelor’s in psychology from Fordham University and currently resides in New York.


It was a frigid night in Glencoe, Missouri. The only visible light on Old State Road came from a tavern, whose usual patrons sought warmth on this cold night, and as always, were intent on escaping their woes in tall glasses of ale. A tall man wearing glasses and a worn, brown-leather jacket exited the bar, letting the heavy, wooden door fall shut behind him. He headed south toward his home, which was about a mile away. 

Adam Livingston walked the streets hurriedly and ignored the shadows that toyed with his mind, borrowing images directly from his nightmares. The wind was no help to him, for it seemed to animate the shadows, making them dance. He passed by the familiar oak tree that marked the halfway point between the bar and his home. Almost home, he thought. But as he walked by the enormous tree, something registered in his peripheral vision. What was that? It looked like a green flash. It must have been my mind, up to its usual tricks again. The thought was convincing for several more yards, until he heard the sound of rustling leaves behind him. Don’t turn around. Don’t turn around. But like poor Orpheus, something compelled him to look back and when he did, his eyes met the luminous stare of Rolmar, who had emerged from the darkness. The youth couldn’t look at the haunting, green eyes that pierced through his soul. 

The demon started to walk toward him. Time began to slow and then it sped up, and Adam crumpled to the ground, barely aware of his own body. He covered his head with his arms and trembled in the night air, praying for the demon to vanish. The sound of the approaching creature tortured his ears, and Adam thought those heavy footfalls might be the last sound he ever heard.  


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