Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spotlight: Christy Anana

I'd like to welcome Christy Anana to the blog to tell us a bit about herself and her two books!
I've recently had 2 books published. I have a middle grade novel, "Finder of Lost Things," as well as a book to help children with stress using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping, "I Can Feel Better:  A Tapping Story." Both books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Their price points are $10.99 and $17.95 respectively.

 I Can Feel Better
 helps parents, teachers, counselors, and others bring calmness and relaxation to children and teens through a series of simple techniques. These methods can be applied to reduce stress that is often the result of anger, fear, sadness, disappointment, feeling overwhelmed, or anxiety of the unknown. The benefit can be seen in as little as five minutes. It is based on the traditional Chinese medicine belief that a person's energy runs through rivers in the body called meridians. When meridians are open, their energy flows and they feel good; when energy is blocked, flow stops and they feel bad. The tapping technique outlined in the book clears the obstruction and helps a person feel good again. Parents, teachers, and counselors and read this book along with their child. The book guides the child is guided through gentle tapping motions on him/herself along with saying affirmations. The technique can help young people take control of their own emotions also by reading the book to themselves and tapping as described--as often as needed to feel better.
A Finder of Lost Things--Toni is an articulate girl with a special gift for finding things. Her best friend is named Jimmy, who happens to be deaf. Her neighbors think that she is quite precocious. Toni's adventure begins when she meets a lost boy. He says that Toni is the only one who can help, and he doesn't have long to wait. With the help of Jimmy, as well as other friends, she explores many possibilities. Toni learns that nothing is lost in the end. 

My bio: I was born and raised in Sturgis, Michigan. I came to Hawaii to be a high school teacher. A wonderful Hawaiian man brought me to the Pacific Northwest, and now we are bringing up 2 daughters. I'm a nationally board-certified elementary school counselor, yoga teacher, and author. I ask my students to be still and present in order to listen to the strong voice inside that guides them to what is right for them. This is how I became a writer. I am passionate about helping children and teens. Using knowledge from my professional education experience, I am continuing to learn and then teach effective calming strategies so people feel better.

If you would like to contact me, you can access my social media with my blog:
Christy (right) and her daughter

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