Monday, November 3, 2014

Spotlight: Tell it to the Wind

Tell it to the Wind – The Story of an African Lion, is a fanciful tale about Leo, the aging lion, and João, a desperate man from Moçambique, who decides to take a risk-filled short cut to South Africa through the famous Kruger National Park. Ideally, Leo should kill the man who has wandered onto his territory, but he is enjoying the twilight of his years, and it will require more energy than he is prepared to expend at t his moment. He decides, instead, to befriend the man, and thereby create an African legend. 
A plan is hatched, involving a number of the animals in the African bush, to get João to safety for the night, and assist him out of the Park the following day. Lancelot, the leopard, however, and the Hysterical Hyena clan, are furious at this intrusion and they plot João’s death.  
From diversions to ambushes the story offers humorous insights into the law of the bush, and of the respect that should exist between men and animals. 
The target audience is children between the ages of eight and twelve. 

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