Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spotlight: A Midnight Reverie

Everything was perfect. If Lillian had ever dreamed of a fairytale life, this was it. Everything was falling into place. Her Prince Charming - her knight in shining armor - had captured her heart entirely, and as though that were not beautiful enough, she had his heart as well. She had Matt, and there was nothing else she desired. How could she have known that in one brief moment, her fairytale would turn into a tragedy? The debut novel of Beatrice Manuel, the story of Lillian Jones is both heartrendering and heartwarming. Forced into an early adulthood to take care of not only herself but the lives that depend upon her, Lillian struggles to heal from her fairytale-gone-wrong and find the love and beauty that still remains in her life. A Midnight Reverie is the story of how a fragile, broken girl is transformed into a young woman whose battle scars speak of the ashes she once was...and the victor she has become.

Author Bio:
Beatrice Manuel is a young and aspiring teenager. She was born in April, 1997 in a small city in India, and although her roots go back to Madurai, having travelled and lived in many different countries across the globe, she considers herself somewhat of a nomad. 

Her journey as a writer first begun at the age of eight, when she wrote her very own illustrated fairy-tale entitled 'The Prince and the Princess'. Since then, her main focus was on the romance and adventure genres, writing several unpublished stories to nurture her skills through out her schooling years. She also participated and collaborated with several authors on writing communities under a pen name, dabbling in poetry and script-writing on the side. 

Her debut novel, 'A Midnight Reverie' was first written as a submission for the online writing competition NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2011, which was then edited and self-published via Amazon's CreateSapce in September of 2014. 

With this achievement under wraps, Beatrice hopes to publish and share more of her writing with the world, with the aim of inspiring and bringing joy to her readers - a dream she's held onto for several years and will see through to come true.

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