Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Spotlight: Denali in Hiding

Denali in Hiding is going to be a bit different from your average read because starting Aug. 27, the author is going to start posting it "real time" in diary format. It will be as though you are reading the events as they happen in the characters' lives. It is also free to access, all you have to do is sign up for wattpad and bang! a new read for your pleasure.

Caitlin Sinead Jennings
Seventeen-year-old Denali can lift trucks with her mind and see remote locations on a whim, but these skills won’t save her if the American Psi Council discovers she is trying to prevent a bombing in Washington, DC.

Denali doesn’t want to disobey the hidden society that recruited her. She loves Nashquttin, an island safe haven for psis where she is free to use her mind to fly paintballs at friends and roast marshmallows without a stick. There is nothing more liberating than cracking dead trees over the ocean after a heartbreak (even telekinetic guys can be jerks).

She also trusts the Council. It’s not like they’re pro bomb. They’ve simply learned through centuries of persecution that even well-intentioned psi actions can cause non-psis to wonder, investigate, and react violently in fear. 

Denali should listen to the Council. She should avoid a lengthy prison sentence. She should ignore her pesky conscience and forget about seeing that eerie man in a faraway basement with bomb materials and blueprints of the State Department. And she definitely shouldn’t let her strong, strict trainer risk his life to help her. 

It’s simple. She shouldn’t try to stop the bombing. 

But she will.

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