Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of Summer ARC Clearance Giveaway

I'm going to do this a bit different than normal...

So how this is going to go is I'm going to start with one ARC up for grabs, but every 50 rafflecopter entries I'll add another book (at least until I'm out of ARCs that is).

The book that is up for grabs with 0 entries is:

Palace of Spies (The ARC has the title A Most Dangerous Deception)

a bit about the book:

A warning to all young ladies of delicate breeding who wish to embark upon lives of adventure: Don't. 

Sixteen-year-old Peggy is a well-bred orphan who is coerced into posing as a lady in waiting at the palace of King George I. Life is grand, until Peggy starts to suspect that the girl she's impersonating might have been murdered. Unless Peggy can discover the truth, she might be doomed to the same terrible fate. But in a court of shadows and intrigue, anyone could be a spy—perhaps even the handsome young artist with whom Peggy is falling in love...

History and mystery spark in this effervescent series debut.

8/17 We're past 5o entries, so that means I'm adding another ARC!

Wherever You Go

A bit about the book:
Seventeen-year-old Holly Mullen has felt lost and lonely ever since her boyfriend, Rob, died in a tragic accident. The fact that she has to spend most of her free time caring for her little sister and Alzheimer's-stricken grandfather doesn't help. But Holly has no idea that as she goes about her days, Rob's ghost is watching over her. He isn't happy when he sees his best friend, Jason, reach out to help Holly with her grandfather but as a ghost, he can do nothing to stop it. Is his best friend really falling for his girlfriend?

As Holly wonders whether to open her heart to Jason, the past comes back to haunt her. Her grandfather claims to be communicating with the ghost of Rob. Could the messages he has for Holly be real? And if so, how can the loved ones Rob left behind help his tortured soul make it to the other side?

Told from the perspectives of Holly, Jason, and Rob,Wherever You Go is is a poignant story about making peace with the past, opening your heart to love, and finding the courage to move forward into the light.

8/22 We're past 100 entries! and the new ARC is...


A bit about the book:
The dramatic conclusion to Jenna Burtenshaw's YA dark fantasy trilogy and the sequel to Shadowcry and Blackwatch. This stunningly original series will be loved by fans of Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass series and Leigh Bardugo's Grisha trilogy.

Teen Kate Winters and her powers are unique. She is descended from an ancient and powerful bloodline. She alone can understand Wintercraft, a book of ancient secrets. She alone can stand between the living and the dead as the veil between them crumbles. Kate is being led to the very edge of life and death so that she can call down all the spirits that haunt the graveyard city of Fume. No one can resist the pull of the crumbling veil, and soon the dead will overrun the living. Unless Silas and Edgar can stop her. Edgar is Kate's best friend and her one anchor to the living. But Silas is enigmatic, merciless, and often cruel. Will this villain we love to hate act honorably? Or not?

Jenna Burtenshaw has created not just a magnificent city full of intrigue and darkness, but also a hero and an antihero who will keep you guessing until the end. Who can you trust when good and evil are bound together?

8/29 We're past 150 entries! The new ARC is...

Double Digit

Yes, this is the second in the series, but one could easily read it without having read the first and it would still make sense.

A bit about it:
Digit and John are back for a second book and in way over their heads.

To say eighteen-year-old Farrah Higgins—or Digit—is good at math is a laughable understatement. She’s been cracking codes since childhood, and is finally at home with “her people” at MIT in Cambridge. Her talents are so off the charts that her laptop is under surveillance by both the CIA and an ecoterrorist named Jonas Furnis. So when she thoughtlessly hacks into the Department of Defense’s database, she lands in serious hot water inside and outside the law. Readers will be sad to turn the last page of this suspenseful, sassy, super smart thriller, the sequel to A Girl Named Digit.

9/2 We're past 200 entries! Woot! The new ARC is...

The Burning Sky
Just before the start of Summer Half, in April 1883, a very minor event took place at Eton College, that venerable and illustrious English public school for boys. A sixteen-year-old pupil named Archer Fairfax returned from a three-month absence, caused by a fractured femur, to resume his education.

Almost every word in the preceding sentence is false. Archer Fairfax had not suffered a broken limb. He had never before set foot in Eton. His name was not Archer Fairfax. And he was not, in fact, even a he.

This is the story of a girl who fooled a thousand boys, a boy who fooled an entire country, a partnership that would change the fate of realms, and a power to challenge the greatest tyrant the world had ever known.

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  1. This sounds fun. I don't usually read books set is this era but this sounds quirky and fun and could lead to a good series.

  2. I enjoyed it! Thanks for entering. :)

  3. I like the idea of this giveaway! I guess I need to hope more people join in so there are more books to read :3 This is a really different book but I think I would like to try it.

    Check out my post about Portugal:

  4. Thanks for stopping my Olivia-Savannah!

  5. Ooh, I really like the idea of this giveaway! The more entries there are, the more prizes there are. That way there's actually more motivation to actually share it! Smart! Mind if I borrow this idea sometime in the future? ;)
    The first one is definitively more up-my-alley then the other one though!

    I would love it if you checked out my giveaway for Blood of the Wolf here-

  6. thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like the idea. XD

  7. I find ARCs special for the reason that the possible owners of its copies are limited. Hahaha! It makes me feel special to be given the chance to own one. You have great taste in books. Thank you for the giveaway! All the best to you! :)

    Michelle Scott @ Skild®


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