Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Release Announcement: Opal, a novella

Kristina Wojtaszek
New York, NY (November 20, 2012)  World Weaver Press (Eileen Wiedbrauk, Editor-in-Chief) has announced Opal, a novella by Kristina Wojtaszek, will be released in ebook and trade paperback on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

Wiedbrauk commented, “Opal is a gorgeous and lyrical retwisting of a fairy tale that instantly put me in mind of Patricia McKillip's beautiful fantasy novels. This novella is a soulful and poetic addition to the World Weaver Press catalog.”
White as snow, stained with blood, her talons black as ebony… In this retwisting of the classic Snow White tale, the daughter of an owl is forced into human shape by a wizard who’s come to guide her from her wintry tundra home down to the colorful world of men and Fae, and the father she’s never known. She struggles with her human shape and grieves for her dead mother — a mother whose past she must unravel if men and Fae are to live peacefully together.
Opal will be available in print and ebook via Amazonbarnesandnoble.comkobo.com, and other online retailers. You can also findOpal on Goodreads.

Kristina Wojtaszek grew up as a woodland sprite and mermaid, playing around the shores of Lake Michigan. At any given time she could be found with live snakes tangled in her hair and worn out shoes filled with sand. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management as an excuse to spend her days lost in the woods with a book in hand. She currently resides in the high desert country of Wyoming with her husband and two small children. She is fascinated by fairy tales and fantasy and her favorite haunts are libraries and cemeteries. Follow her @KristinaWojtasz  or on her blog, Twice Upon a Time.

World Weaver Press is a publisher of fantasy, science fiction, and nonfiction, dedicated to producing quality novels, novellas, collections, and anthologies. As a small press, World Weaver seeks to produce books that engage the mind and ensnare the story-loving soul.

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