Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Mistwood

Title: Mistwood
Author: Leah Cypess
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Page Count: 320
Rating: 3.5/5


The Shifter is an immortal creature bound by an ancient spell to protect the kings of Samorna. When the realm is peaceful, she retreats to the Mistwood. But when she is needed she always comes.

Isabel remembers nothing. Nothing before the prince rode into her forest to take her back to the castle. Nothing about who she is supposed to be, or the powers she is supposed to have.
Prince Rokan needs Isabel to be his Shifter. He needs her ability to shift to animal form, to wind, to mist. He needs her lethal speed and superhuman strength. And he needs her loyalty—because without it, she may be his greatest threat.
Isabel knows that her prince is lying to her, but she can't help wanting to protect him from the dangers and intrigues of the court . . . until a deadly truth shatters the bond between them.
Now Isabel faces a choice that threatens her loyalty, her heart . . . and everything she thought she knew.


I had heard about Mistwood awhile back from another blog and the description (and cover art) intrigued me. I bought it on my Kindle and read it over a vacation in California. I definitely liked the legend aspect of it, and the author had a twist ending that I could not see coming. The descriptions were very well written, I could picture the castle that most of the book takes place in very vividly.

What I did not enjoy so much is that there was not a ton of action throughout the book. There was talk of war, but nothing ever really came of it. Though there was a tie up of everything at the end, at times it was confusing to put together from the way it was written. All of the characters’ motives were not always clear.

All said, it was an entertaining read. I will definitely be reading the companion novel Nightspell, which is coming out in the near future. If you have a free slot on your TBR list, I would recommend putting it on there to read on your Kindle or Nook on a long train or plane ride, or on a rainy day with a cup of coco or tea. (Who doesn’t like reading books that way?)


  1. I see what you mean about the lack of action. I liked the book for its complexity - both in the storyline and the characters' motivations. Great review.

  2. I enjoyed reading your review. I haven't read this book so I'll jot it down on my tbr list!


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