Tuesday, February 8, 2011


One thing that I do sometimes when I am writing is just write a scene. No character set up, no particular plot line. Nada. The following is one of those pieces of writing. I call them snippets. The good thing about snippets is if I am suffering from Writer’s Block, I can come back to them and expand from what I already have got. I have a ton more saved onto my desktop, but I like this one in particular so I am going to share it with you. I’d love for you to tell me what you think! What do you think the story is about? (If you answered that question it would be especially helpful. Maybe I could figure out what I wanted to do with it if I expand it into a short story. ;-))

Tangerine streaked the sky in wisps of cloud, adorning the crimson canvas beyond. Pensive did not quite seem quite the right way to describe her, though resigned would seem too harsh as well. She was not resigned to her fate. The jade silk that gathered about her collar and cascaded with a wilted sigh down her figure might have stated otherwise, but she was by no means giving up. Taking her watch out once again, she watched the complicated clockwork behind the iridescent mother-of-pearl face. It all seemed a cruel metaphor to her, a fitting gift for the world she had been dragged into.
The musicians had started tuning their instruments in the hollow below by the time she put the watch away. Night had come without so much as a rustle of crows’ wings, but the first stars had already been cautiously painted into the sky.
The girl would brand herself as selfish for what she did next. She turned away from the gravestone one last time and headed back towards the house. The horse she stole was not one of particular regality. It had probably belonged to a messenger, she hoped so, for she had a long way to go before dawn. She traveled light, not yet weighed down with her decisions; she had with her only the hope of acceptance, a path of rose pedals, and the promise that she would not be the one at the end of it.

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