Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Blast From My Past

The following are some poems I wrote a long time ago that I found on ye olde desktop.

I wrote this poem when I was seven years old, it wasn't my very first poem, but it was one of the first. My Mom claims that I didn't have any help with writing it, I don't really remember, but I'll take her word for it!

A Dog Named Funny

As I was walking down the street, a dog named Funny did I meet.
With a wag of his tail, a bucket and pail decided to tumble down the street.

I walked away, but the pup had to stays
To watch the ducks in the pond

But as soon as the nanny came down from the cranny,
She carried the pup away.

Until the next day
When the pup came to play.

I do remember, however, that I added that last couplet because I didn't want anyone reading the poem to think that the nanny kept the puppy away forever. I did this because I didn't want the reader to feel sad for Funny because it was supposed to be a happy poem. (It's weird that I remember that but not actually writing the poem itself).

I wrote this Poem in the fifth grade. I remember feeling proud because I knew what the word 'guile' meant when everybody kept asking me.

The Leaf

They tumble down the soggy road
Dancing all the while
Except the one with the red curled cap and mischievous guile
He perches himself upon a rock getting ready to spring
He then jumps on the back of the bucking wind
And to its ice-cold hair he clings

Only past the mountain pass he lets out a sigh of relief
And glides off his now breathless mount into the river beneath
He fought the rapids with all his might
Who were threatening to swallow him whole
Then he went plunging into the waterfall’s bowl

The leaf came up coughing and spluttering
Skirting the places where debris were cluttering
He knew he must find some sort of sanctuary
Instead he found a rather large tributary
And so he drifted out to sea
How did he do it?
Determination, that is the key!

(btw, yesterday was my one year anniversary of my first post)!

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