Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bifrost Review Release!

Founding team of Bifrost
My college has a J term, which means for the month of January we take one class that we attend every day instead of the more usual three to four classes that we take two to three times a week during a semester. This year I took Exploring Literary Publishing. This class has taught me a lot about the publishing world, especially because it gave me a perspective outside that of a book blogger, but one of the coolest things about it is that we got to create our own literary journal! 
Our first issue's cover!

Our professor came up with the name "Bifrost," but gave the class free rein to decide what the journal's mission would be. We decided that Bifrost, like the rainbow structure from Norse myth it was named after, would serve as a bridge. In this case, a bridge between undergraduate literary communities. There are so many terrific undergrad journals out there, but they all operate in their own bubble more or less. Bifrost is seeking to change that by reprinting works featured in other undergrad journals to create a space for sharing and community building. We are also trying to bridge the gap between journals that feature only student writers and journals that feature professional authors. We are currently doing this by including reviews of a wide variety of journals in our first issue as well as featuring interviews with literary professionals. 

While the whole class helped decide Bifrost's vision, I was specifically working in the social media group. This meant I helped create and build our social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), set up a Buffer account (a platform for organizing and posting on all our accounts in the same place), and coming up with content for posts. I definitely learned a trick or two that I plan to implement for the Howling Turtle in the future.

Even though a new team is working on Bifrost now, I am still very excited to see what comes next for this journal!

If you have time, I would love it if you would check out the website, and maybe even connect with us on social media!

Bifrost's Website


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