Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Spotlight: Menta-Life

About the book:
"Welcome to the Menta-Life Corporation, where your dreams mean everything." A war has crippled the Earth and destroyed the lives of millions. From the ashes, the Menta-Life corporation has found a way to rebuild what the world has lost by allowing people to live out alternate destinies through their dreams. Yet, in the depths beneath the city, the population of brain-drained former prodigies is growing. Is the Menta-Life corporation all that they claim to be, or are they stealing ideas from the very people they claim to serve? Fresh from an unplanned prison break, Vanessa Pheros refuses to answer to anyone or anything, except her greed. But when Van returns to her former life as a runner, it soon becomes clear that something much greater than money is at stake. She has been personally drawn into a conspiracy involving the Menta-Life corporation. Along with fellow runner, Dayio, and with the help of a few colorful friends from her past, Van must race to confront her own ideals – and her own past – in order to survive in this futuristic sci-fi adventure.

About the Author:
Avery Nunez is a self-published author who takes on the occasional model or acting job. Originally from Southern California, he moved to Las Vegas at age 17 and resides there today. Finding a passion for writing at age 24, he's written 8 full length books in 2 years.

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