Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Spotlight: Sons of Trillion

About the Book:
Sons of Trillion is set in a magical world called Talos, where the casting of magic is split into three trees. Spoken, Thought and Gesture. The race that resides on this world are much like humans in every way, except they have a lifespan that is ten-fold compared to that of our own here on earth, a factor balanced, as the chances of conceiving a child is extremely rare.

Though their magical abilities do not manifest till they turn of age, all children upon being born are suspended in the light from the well-of-souls. This is called the Reckoning. Depending on the colour the light changes, the reckoning foretells what a child’s magical tree will be so that the child can become a student of said tree before actually being able to cast from it.

However, there is an extremely old prophecy from the time of the Kularnarty; a dark and ancient race that once resided on Talos who could command all three magical trees. After their demise, those that followed could only cast from a singular tree, but the prophecy foretells the coming of a child who will fail their reckoning and re-awaken that same darkness that once riddled Talos; a darkness that threatened to extinguish everything based of light.

The first part to the story follows Trillion’s first born as he grows and evolves into the darkness that he is prophesied to become. The goodness and light within him slowly being eroded.

The series is set in six parts and is told from the perspectives of Trillion’s first born, then his second, but also switches to certain other key characters as the story unfolds. (The front covers denoting as to which son the story is primarily about.)

Parts 2 and 3 are already published.

The story is one of sorcery, love, revenge and redemption.

About the Author:
David J. Khan is the author of several books. Among his most recent are the Sons of Trillion series and The Red Door Chronicles. He lives in Nottingham, England.

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